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About Wonderhaven

Ever since I was a child, I've been interested in art. Throughout grade school, you'd often find me doodling in my spare time and taking advantage of every art class that was offered. There was always a constant drive to create, a drive that continued through adulthood.

After graduating, I worked as a webmaster and graphic designer for several years, but knew my true calling was running my own art business. And in 2013, I did just that, and started Ashness Art. At first, my work consisted of just paintings and drawings. But I found myself drawn to doing so much more, such as creating costume and fashion accessories, as well fantasy themed home decor. After participating in a handful of art shows and festivals, I was heavily drawn to focusing more on making wearable art. It was then I decided it was time to expand, and create a new business that better reflected my new body of work.

Now you can find me frequently in the Hampton Roads area at unique art shows and fantasy festivals, as well as conventions, with my one of a kind fantasy fashion wear and home decor. I'm constantly experimenting and making new creations, including concepts shared with me from fans and customers.  It's been an absolute joy not just living out my dream creating art for a living, but getting to share that love with others.

Photographer: BLP Photography

All questions about commissions or my work in general can be sent to

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