Show off your love for all things winter with these themed decorated macaron keychain. All macaron keychains are handmade, one of a kind accessories, that come adorned with at least one large resin or sculpted piece.

Buy one, or save money and buy half a dozen! I also offer large custom party orders, which can be found on the custom order page!

Winter Themed Decorated Macaon Keychains

  • All decorated macarons come adorned with at least one large resin piece. These macarons come in random and custom options, scented and unscented. If you choose the custom order, please state in the note section of checkout what color you want the macaron, filling, and frosted on top to be. Please note what type of  sculpted/resin piece you'd like included on top of the frosting as well.

    Random single orders will be shipped out within 2 business days. Random dozen orders will be shipped out within 3-5 business days. Custom single orders can take up to 5 days to be shipped out. Custom half a dozen orders can take between 1-2 weeks to be shipped. If you need an expediated custom order, please fill out the form on the custom order page and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • All my scented items are scented with essential oils or high quality fragrnace oils. Because of the way they are mixed in with the material, they could last several months to a couple of years.

    Please keep out of reach of small children. These are not edible.